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Estate Planning

We review your estate planning needs and prepare necessary documents including Revocable Living Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trust and Will Amendments.  Full service includes funding trusts and assisting with beneficiary designation forms. We also have experience in helping families with special-needs children.


We help people in need after a relative passes on.  It is important to begin the probate process after this event.  This process validates the person’s will and distributes property as the will directs.  Our goal is to advocate for our client either as beneficiary or executor or others who might have an interest in the estate while going through this process.

Family Law

We represent men and women in a variety of matters related to divorce and family law.

  1. • Divorce Litigation

  2. • Divorce Settlements

  3. • Child Custody

  4. • Child Support

  5. • Child Visitation

  6. • Post- Judgment modification

  7. • Enforcement Orders

  8. • Adoption

  9. • Domestic Violence

  10. • Paternity Actions

  11. • Termination of Parental Rights

  12. • Guardianship of Children and Adults

Real Estate

    For Buyers:

  1.      • Review and advise the buyer about a buyer agency agreement

  2.      • Draft or review the buyer’s Offer to Purchase and help negotiate Counteroffers and amendments to the Offer to

  3.        Purchase

  4.      • Help evaluate financing options and resolve any problems

    For Sellers:

  1.      • Write or review the listing agreement with the seller’s real estate agent

  2.      • Review the buyer’s Offer to Purchase, or draft or review the seller’s Counteroffer and amendments

  3.      • Help satisfy the contingencies to the Offer

  4.      • Draft the deed and other legal documents required to hold a sale

Small Business

     • Organization and documentation

     • Succession planning

     • Buy/Sell agreements

     • Business/Asset purchases

     • Lease negotiation

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